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Imperial Cross Elementary Cubs logo

Imperial Cross Elementary
2462 Cross Rd
Imperial, CA 92251

(760) 355-xxxx

Under Construction

Opening 2019-20 School year

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The Imperial Unified School District Board selected Mr. Ramos as Principal of Imperial Cross Elementary 

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Proposed School Boundaries
On October 9, 2018, the Imperial Unified School District Board approved the elementary school boundaries for the 2019-20 school year.

Approved Mascot

The District had a suggestion period by the staff, students, and public of 3 weeks (5/14/18-6/1/18) for the naming of the mascot for Imperial Cross Elementary School.  After the suggestion period, the school site councils from each school submitted their top suggestion from the suggestion list to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent took all five suggestions to be voted on by staff.  Interestingly enough Cubs and Cougars were the only two names suggested.  After a staff vote between Cubs and Cougars, Cubs had a 67% of the staff vote while Cougars was 33%.  At last night's School Board meeting the Board voted to make Cubs the official mascot for Cross Elementary.  Attached is a rendering of a potential logo that our Graphic arts class submitted.

Naming Process

  1. The District will have a suggestion period of 3 weeks (5/14 - 6/1) for staff, students, and public to suggest a mascot name for Imperial Cross Elementary School.
  2. After the suggestion period, the school site councils from each school will review the suggestion list and submit their top choice to the Superintendent.
  3. The Superintendent will have the staff vote on the suggestions from the five school site councils.
  4. The top three suggestions from the staff vote will be forwarded to School Board.
  5. The School Board holds the authority to make the final decision on the school mascot. The Board may select a name from the staff survey or a mascot name they feel is appropriate.   

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